Cartridge Limited provides advanced technology, research, design, engineering, manufacturing and strategic consulting services and weight optimized/performance components for manufacturers and end users, including specialized vehicle, motorsport and other applications. Members of the Cartridge team have substantial experience in all of these areas and have extensive involvement in providing high performance/lightweight components for specialized vehicles and in winning championships in almost every form of motorsport.

Cartridge constantly monitors and reviews technology and seeks to develop new advances and to harness and/or improve developments by others for the use of its clients. As well as services such as design of vehicles and vehicle components, and assisting manufacturers and end users in accomplishing critical strategic goals such as vehicle weight reduction, Cartridge provides a variety of components for a multiplicity of purposes including racing. In particular, Cartridge specializes in lightweight components made from composites including carbon, metal matrix and other specialty metals such as alloys of titanium, aluminum and steel.

Specific applications range from almost every aspect of a vehicle, including aerodynamic, braking, body, cooling, driveline, electrical, engine, exhaust, induction, in-vehicle communication, protection, steering, suspension and transmission, to robotics and to uses within the living environment.